No More Bugs in Your Drinks

Don't you hate it when a bug, small leaf, pollen, hair, ash or any little debris falls in your fresh drink? Well sadly it happens, a lot! What can you do? Continue to drink like nothing happened or start sadly attempting to pull them out with your fingers? With our Bug Out Spoon, you don’t have to choose between these inelegant, unhygienic solutions. Provided with a long handle and a fine mini filter, the Bug Out Spoon has amazing features that make it a necessary addition to your kitchen, wine, tea or bar set.

Let’s Take a Look at These Features!

  • • Made of light weight stainless steel that will not fade or tarnish with time.
  • • Provided with a super-fine mini filter that will efficiently remove any small bug or debris from your drink.
  • • Very quick and easy to use so you can solve your little problem with zero hassle.
  • • Perfect for wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea and even soups.
  • • The hygienic way to remove any debris from your drink.
  • • Comes in an elegant set of 4 spoons, with different gems embedded in their handles (i.e. yellow, turquoise, green and lavender).
  • • Modern and stylish, they make for great anniversary or holidays gifts.
  • • Dishwater safe.

Bug Out Spoon

  • THE HYGIENIC SOLUTION – What would you do if you saw a small bug in your drink? Would you continue to enjoy your drink or would you try to remove it using your fingers? Not when you have your Bug Out Spoon – the most elegant and hygienic solution to your problem.

  • MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL – Our clients deserve only the best, so our Bug Out Spoon is made exclusively of high-quality materials that are FDA approved and will not fade or tarnish with time.

  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN – No hassle and effort with this practical and efficient mash spoon that will become your best friend whenever you want to enjoy your drink outdoors. What’s even better, it is super easy to clean and will look amazing for years.

  • ELEGANT DESIGN – When you spend your money on a product, you’d like to receive as much value as possible. That’s why our Bug Out Spoon comes in an elegant set of 4 spoons, with beautiful gems embedded in their handles (i.e. yellow, turquoise, green and lavender)

  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – We're so confident in our Bug Out Spoon that we'll give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No questions and no hassles from us. If you don't like it, just send it back our way and we'll refund your money.

Perfect for Vineyards, Wineries and Online Kitchen, Bar and Bridal Accessory stores.

A necessity for Restaurants, Cafe's, Bars, Wineries and anywhere that serves drinks.

Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely case that our Bug Out Spoon is not right for you, all you have to do is let us know, and we’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Zero risks. Only benefits!